I graduated from the Wanganui School of Design a decade ago with some time spent studying in Slovenia and Austria. Working in such a creative environment enabled me to challenge myself and work on a number of different aspects of graphic design. I'm constantly on the look out for new opportunities and projects to sink my teeth into. 

Study seems like a life time ago - Since then I've travelled, married, become a father and worked on a number of exciting projects. 

Aside from my design day job, I have been furthering my skills in the field of motion design and video. This is yet another field that I am passionate about as it involves a creative process as well as technical aspects. I have picked up a number of motion design jobs  and have taught myself not only how to approach the project but how to structure and organise each job. Each new venture was a learning curve and I'm humbled to have been given the opportunity to explore this exciting and creative domain. 

Having moved over to Melbourne ten years ago with a suitcase, I am about to return to New Zealand with a lot more. I am embarking on a sea change by venturing to New Plymouth. I'm looking forward to Taranaki adventures and whatever mysteries that may bring in the future. 

Feel free to get in touch at hello@mformatt.com
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